Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Could Shoe Be The Cause Of Nail Fungus?

lots of people would like to know if shoe could be the cause of nail fungus, well the answer is YES and NO, I will explain further in this article. It depends on the type or condition of shoe you are taking about.

When I say yes, if the shoe is dirty and moist it can possibly cause fungus infection because moist and dirty environment or object such as shoes and socks do encourage the breeding of nail fungus also anther factor is when working in a dirty environment without a protective wear this can also lead to fungus infecting

Ladies that goes for public manicures are also prone to be infected with toenail fungus this is possible if the same instrument was used by an infected persons and in turn was used by you too without proper sterilization, this it the reason you have to get your own personal manicure equipments as this will free you from all forms of infection.

If your shoes, feet and socks are clean and dry then you can not be infected with toenail fungus. Hope this answer the other part of the question “could shoes be the cause of nail fungus” well what we should be discussing right now are ways in which to treat or get rid of stubborn nail fungus.

Ways to eliminating stubborn nail fungus infection
It is vital to get a bit knowledge of nail fungus, it is a micro organism that cannot be seen with the naked eyes and are always found in moist, dark and dirty environment the resultant effect is seen on the individual has fungus infection.

To get lasting solution to stubborn nail infection the use of drugs is one of the best ways of cure, but when taking this drug be very mindful because lots of them have been discovered to have negative side effect on the body system. And should in case drug medication is the only option for you do not fail to see the doctor if you notice any unusual changes or feeling in your body.

The use of listerine as a means of destroying the fungus, this method has proving very effective; it safe dose not involves the use of drugs hence there is no health hazards using the listerine methods.

What is listerine nail fungus treatment? It means the use of light, ultra ray of light directed specifically on the particular part that is been affected by the fungus what this rays of light does is that, it  completely destroy the fungus and it membrane to it root completely thus you are very sure that the fungus will not resurface again all of this is carried out just within fifteen to twenty minutes and it is painless. But the draw back in using this method  is that it is capital intensive, that is it’s expensive to perform this process in most hospital thus it will cost from few hundreds of dollar to a thousand .

For those who are finically tight, do not worry there are other means that can give you same result just as that of listerine nails treatment. The use of formula 3 oil product in combination with alcohol. You have to know that just using one of this home remedy and product will not give the desired result that is the more reason you have to combine them for effectiveness. What you do is to soak the affected nail with alcohol in a bowel or bucket for about fifteen minutes then dry it up, apply the formula 3 oil.

Reasons for using formula 3 oil for nail fungus treatment.
The main reason for using this product is because other product such as gel, cream or powder do not have the ability of penetrating into the base or root of the finger nail wherein lies the fungus. But with the use of formula 3 you are sure of getting the desired result.