Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Does vick vapour rub really work for stubborn nail finger?

The question does vick vapour Rub really work for stubborn nail finger ? is very good question  people having nail  fungus would like to know because in many article there have been this talk that vick vapour does eliminate stubborn nail finger infection.

Well, to start with vick vapour rub is cheap to purchase and can be found in shops both online and off line, when it comes to it usage does it really work the magic in the case of stubborn or acute nail fungus infection. A friend of mine who had the same problem bought the product from a local shop and he immediately started using it. For about four weeks there was no better significant change on his toenail fungus. Thus I would say using vapour product, it takes time to really get the needed cure and it works effectively well for temporary or minor case of fungal infection.

How does vick vapour work on toenail fungus?
As said earlier it just for very minor cases, by simply apllying the cream on the surface of the affected nail what it does is that it smoothen the nail to make it to look as if it is healing it and when you stop using the product it comes back again hence for effectiveness and complete cure you need to add other methods to vick to get total cure that is the way my friend was able to rid of it and up till date there hasn’t been an issue of such again. For those who have make use of vick vapour and still could not get result, then you have to combine other alternative such has the use of natural herbs which is also very effective and cheap to purchase, the good part of using herbs is that it does not have any side effect just as orthodox drugs which is believed to have side effect on the kidney.

Well I won’t say you should not use vick vapour product but make sure you use it with other product or make it a back up with other products, using them side by side will give you better result than just using vapour alone .