Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Get Rid Of Nail Fungus For Free

For you to properly get rid of nail fungus for free it is very important to know the various methods or ways in which you can take or apply in getting the needed cure though there are many ways that is been used by different people but what is of most interest is that you get your cure and the nail focus do not resurface again then that is when one can say he is free from nail infection.

List of methods to get rid of nail fungus for free
There are various ways to effectively get rid of nail fungus here in this article you will get full details on how it is been done.

Medical Way Of Curing Nail Fungus
The use of drugs: drugs have been found to be very good in getting quick cure to this nail disease, but there are lots of disadvantages or negative side effect using drugs. It has great adverse effect on the liver which in turns cause damage of other vital organ in the body that is the more reason you have to stay clear from using drugs if you know very well that your body system can’t take it. On the other way round before taking the drugs you must have to get the directive of  an expert that is, a medical expert (doctor) who specializes in the field to prescribe and let you know how to take the dosage for each drugs per day.

Natural ways to get rid of nail fungus
This method involves dipping the affected part in a hot water for something you have to do this for some number of days till you start to see changes that is the fungus starts wearing off. Most of the time the vinegar is often added to the water, it is believed that vinegar contains substance that helps in curing toe nail fungus, though this method is a slow and painful way to get cure of the fungus yet it does work. Also point of note it is meant for light or minor case of nail fungus infection as this method do not have the ability to kill off the fungus to it root.

Anther way that works just as the method stated above is the use of laterine bath. This involves soaking the affected feet on bath, but then it is still the same effect it can not be used to achieve permanent cure in the case of acute fungus nail infection  lots of people have made use of this method, after a while it was discovered that the fungus infection returned back to the nail again hence it is very important to look for a more lasting ways in getting rid of nail fungus for good once and for all.

Vicks vapor rub has been discovered to work best in curing this fungus lots of people has testified how effective it is using it. It can help in bringing back damaged nail, the main function of vicks vapor is that it helps to halt the growth of the fungus thus continuous using it until the nail grows out eliminate or kills the fungus totally.

For total and permanent cure the use of natural helps plays very important role in fact this method completely destroys the fungus totally this is done by destroying the fungus from it root by taking the natural herbs. The good part of these herbs is that they do not have