Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Rid Of Nail Fungus Minor Case

It is very good to know how to get rid of nail fungus fast and for good.There have been lots of articles on how to get rid of this fungus, lots of people suffering from it have made use of different methods yet are unable to get the desired result, then do we have to say that all of the ways of treating fungus do not work? It does work but many people use the wrong drugs for nail fungus infection

There are different stages of fungus infection with each type or stage have it own drugs that works best for it. There is the temporary or minor case of nail fungus infection and also there is the acute case, each conditions have various ways of handling it, thus it would be very wrong using medication meant for minor cases for acute fungus infection, it wont work, hence the need to know the right way on how to get rid of nail fungus.

Getting Rid Of Nail Fungus Minor Case
There are various ways in which you can use to eliminate nail fungus as fast as you can when it’s in the early stage here they are
1.      The use of alcohol: when using alcohol for this infection you have to soak the affected feet on a bucket of alcohol for about twenty minutes and dry it up this should be done for two week. It is believed that alcohol has some antifungal ingredients thus it helps in kill fungus infection of the nail.

The use of vinegar is also very powerful in dealing with toenail fungus especially when it’s in it early stage

Formula 3: this product can be seen in different pharmaceutical stores around but before buying make sure you look at the expiring date has this determine the effectiveness of the product. Formula 3 for nail fungus infection comes in different forms such as gel, spray, cream, powder and oil. The best one to make use of is the oil type because it has the potential of penetrating to the root of the finger nail thus destroying the fungal to it root.

Getting Rid Of Nail Fungus Acute Case
  1. Use of drugs: there are drugs use for dealing with nail fungus if found out that natural or home remedies can not eliminate the fungus. But with the use of drugs there is high risk of the liver been damaged hence lots of people have stop using it. Do not worry there is a better technique that works just the way the drugs will do without any side effect.

2 laser light treatment: it involves beaming rays of light on the affect nail, what this laser light does is to destroy the fungus and it membrane surrounding it without any trace of the fungus and there is no fear of it coming back again. All of this is done within ten to fifteen minutes, it is painless, totally destroys the nail fungus, does not have any side effect since you are not taking any drugs. It is one of the best and quickest method of killing or eliminating nail fungus fast and for good without coming back. But the only disadvantage of the method is that it a little bit expensive and not every body suffering from the infection have enough money to go for this laser treatment .

Nevertheless which ever method you are to use in getting rid of nail fungus it is very good to know the stage in which the infection is right now as it will determine what type of treatment approach to apply as this will save  time and money.