Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How do I know if nail fungus is dead?

How do you know if the nail fungus is dead after taking all the needed treatment? It is very simple to known, first you know very well when you have the infection the symptoms that was associated with the nail infection such as discoloration of the nail finger some, at times do have black coloration while other brown or yellow depending on  the nature of fungus infection at that time, in summary this is always a difference in colure between the affected nail from others , then how do you know if the nail fungus is dead.

Ways to know if the finger nails fungus is completely dead
First and foremost, after taking all the necessary treatments  as prescribed by your  physician you find out that the dark or brown nail coloration wears out and the nail grow back looking very pretty as before compare to what it use to be before, this is one of the most vital signs to know that nail fungus is totally dead

Another very noticeable fact is that when you touch or feel the nail there will be no pain compare to when the fungus infection is still there all of this signs will confirm that the fungus is dead. You can take note of this on your own without going to the hospital for medical check up.

But should in case after all treatment has been taken and the infection still persist then you have to go back to your doctor for proper examination so that he can administer the appropriate drugs for the fungus infection.

It is very important you know that there are temporary and acute nail fungus infection and each has its own way of treating them. Do not expect total cure of the infection with the use of gel, cream, powder for acute case of  nail fungus, it will only cure it for just a moment then will return back that is the more reason you need to see a physician who can give you the medication for permanent and lasing cure. I know that lots of people do not subscribe to the use of drug as a means of treatment due to the negative side effect it has on human health nevertheless there are medicated oil such has the formula 3 which is normally rub on the affected nail. This product work very well compare to the cream gel or powder method, because it has the ability of penetrating to the base or root of the nail in which the fungus is situated

Also if you want to treat toenail fungus as fast as you can, here is the most effective ways you need to follow. Make sure you do not make use of just one method, it has to be a combination of different remedy been applied to the affected nail such method could be soaking the feet on a bath of alcohol for about twenty minutes, dry up the feet and apply formula 3 nail fungus treatment, do this for just one or two weeks this will totally kill the fungus infection.