Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Does Vick Vapour Help Toenail To Cure Toenail Fungus

It very vital to know how does vick vapour help toenail to cure toenail fungus because lots of people have made use of different methods some are able to get positive and quick result while others could not get the need cure to their nail fungus they have been suffering from all this while. Though this days we have heard a lot about the use of vick vapour rob the main question majority of people want to know about this product is that is it very effective as it is been advertised in many sites or it just a hype. Here in this article you will get a true review about this product.

Two months ago a very close friend of my had a severe nail infection and decides to purchase vick vapour rub which he used in rubbing the affected nail for close to six weeks. All he got from it was that it only help to smoothen the surface of the infected nail he thought he had already gotten the fungus off the nail only for it to resurface after four days, thus making use of vick vapour rub only will not give you the desired result it has to be a combination of other methods, such as the use of hot water, hydrogen peroxides or herbal product putting this together with vick produces great result for my friend.

Now going back to how does vick vapour help toenail to cure toenail fungus, it is good to know some of the component in which the vick products are made of despite the fact that it can not cure acute or serious nail fungus infection it thus have the ability in controlling the spread of the fungus from one nail to another and also it has effect on minor case of nail infection. Here are the components in vick vapour that makes it active for minor case of fungal infection

 Thymol: is one of the ingredient in vick vapour rub it is made up of antifungal element and it is been used by Indians to protect wounds

Camphor: is another ingredient found in vick it’s also made up of antifungal properties thus has the potential of controlling fungal infection

Even though lots of people give negative review about vick vapour rub but with  the components of ingredients that is been made of I strongly believe that vick has the ability to get rid of nail fungus. But take NOTE it must be used along side with other very powerful and effective method such as herbs.