Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Without Using Drugs

How to get rid of toenail fungus without using drugs  seems to be the best way in  which nail fungus can be destroyed though there are many ways in which the micro organism can be killed but lots of people prefer the natural ways for reasons well best known to them. Many believe that taking drugs for the reason to fight the germs might have negative effect on their body such as liver inflammation which is a vital part of the human body once damaged may lead to death of the patience if proper care not taking .

Now treating toenail fungus without using drugs also means getting the needed cure naturally, thus in this article we going to be highlighting various ways to get rid of nail fungus without the use of drugs but by other means which will give same result to what drugs will do.

List Of Ways To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Without Using Drugs
Below is list of various methods which can be carried out in dealing with toenail fungus both for minor case and serous case.

 Tea Tree Oil: as the name implies it is a natural antifungal herbal product that has the ability to fight fungus infection. For proper and effective usage mix appropriate amount of the tea tree oil with olive oil, point of note make sure that the olive oil and tea tree oil are both in the same proportion them mix them thoroughly and apply on the affected toenail. When applying it you can make use of tooth brush and apply it on the affected toenail. Do this for one or two weeks as this will kill the fungus on the nail. But this method is more effective for minor nail fungus infection.

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar:for this method mix natural vinegar together with warm water of equal  amount use it to wash the affected feet and dry very well then apply the natural apple cider  which stop or inhibit the micro organism from further action thus preventing it from further spread. In addition you have to make use of Paronychia whose function is to help dry up and scales the fungus. When its scale you scrub it off gently to get rid of the dead cover.

Use of beer is another way of stopping toenail infection. With this method you have to pour the beer in a bowl or a bucket and put the affected feet inside the beer for about 45 minutes, everyday do these for a week until you see significant change in the toe nail. Note it is just for minor case of toenail fungus

Vick vapour is anther natural way in which nail fungus can be destroyed but just like the other two method listed above, it is most effective when the fungi is in it infant stage .but applying it for some time and the fungi disappears for it to reappear later time just know that this is condition is an acute case of toenail fungi infection and needs to be given great attention before it spread to other part of the nail toe.