Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If Vick Vapour Rub Can Get Rid Of Nail Fungus

If vick vapour rub can get rid of nail fungus? It is very good to examine the effectiveness of this product to know if it can be a good cure for the treatment of the infection. But first I would want you to know that there are two forms of fungus stages and each stage has it own drug that work best. It is not proper to make use of medication meant for temporary cases or condition of the infection for the major condition such a situation do not expect any result from it because whatsoever medication you apply won’t work thus use the right prescription for the proper condition of nail fungus infection.

Vick vapour rub does work very well for minor situation of fungus nail infection but for good use you need to make use of it with other home made remedy or with natural herbs because vick vapour rub along do not have the potential of eliminating nail fungus infection totally though this product is made up of some antifungal ingredient that act as agent in the destruction of the nailfungal yet it is still not powerful enough to do the job completely.

Here is the ingredient in which vick vapour rub is made of camphor, Thymol and eucalyptus oil all of this are agent that fight against the nailfugus in its earlier stage remember it is most effective when you make use of this product when you just detect the fungusnail infection and it should be used along side with other natural herbs.