Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is nail fungus contagious?

Is nail fungus contagious? It is a good question to ask for now because the rate at which people are getting infected with nail fungus is very alarming hence it is mandatory to know what is nail fungus and elements responsible for it.

Nail fungus is a micro organism that is causes by dirt and moisturized environment but the fact is that it cannot be seen by the optical eyes but with the use of equipments it can be seen but then the effects can easily be notice which result to fungus infection which normally appear in the finger nail of the affect individual as black, yellow or brown coloration thus making the nail different from every other nail. Also there might be crack in the finger which is a sign that the nail have been infected by fungus.

Back to the questions, Is nail fungus contagious, very well yes, not just contagious it can also spread from one nail to other nail. That is the more reason proper care should be given to infected nail before it spread to other nails.

What are the agent that spread this fungus infection?
There are number of factors to consider as agent to the spread of the infection thus making it contagious. Dirty and moist environment is one of the factors that encourages the growth of this infection, then walking on bare footed without a protective ware or if the individual have a cut or injury on the nail can be easy access for the fungus to get into the nail.

Another agent that led to the spread of fungus is the shoes we put on. Note if the shoes is dirty there are moist in it this can cause fungus infection thus wearing the shoes of an infected person can as well be a means of contacting nail fungus infection, thus this has answered the question if shoe can cause nail fungus?

Ways To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus Infection
You have to know that there are several ways in which to cure fungal nail diseases. There are medication for temporary or minor case and also medication also for serious or acute infection.
But whichever one you are experiencing right now it is very important to see  a physician who will examine you and prescribe drugs or cream that can be applied on the affected part of the nail.