Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miranel Nail Fungus

Miranel nail fungus treatment is a natural product in the market which has the potential of curing fungus infection, it contains some vital natural ingredients such the tea tree oil and miconazole nitrate, which on its own are antifungal agent this make miranel very unique and different from every other product in the market.

Miranel contain camphor, eucalyptus and menthol thus with the aid of this agent it has the ability of destroy the toe nailfungus both inside and around the affected nail. There have been no complain of any side effect associated with the use of this product and not had of any one complaining of it after using it unlike the use of drug medication that easily damages the liver of the person that takes the drug thus miranel nail fungus treatment is a health free to use as natural product.

How do I apply Miranel?
The product comes with a brush hence the brush which is the applicator can be use to apply the Miranel Antifungal Treatment on the nail then spread onto the affected part then allow to dry for about five to seven minutes before wearing your shoe or socking if necessity demands you wear the out

How long will it take me to see result?
It is good  to note treating nail fungus infection one should not expect automatic magical result as with the use of the product, that does not mean the it does not work, it does work very effectively but you have to give it some time, for temporary situation of fungus infection  it will take within five to seven weeks for proper healing and for acute or major case it might take up to four or five month depending on the severity the fungus to get destroyed, thus enough patience is needed to get positive result out of this treatment .