Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nail fungus vicks

Nail fungus vicks as the nail implies is a product that is been use in dealing with fungusnail.

But why the use of nail fungus vicks? Well there have been many methods for the cure of nail infection though most of them claim to have the one solution that will totally remove or destroy the fungus yet after many have used it the fungus resurfaced again also many with the infection have tried vick vapour rub and still complain that its not effective. Never mind here in this article I will show you how to make proper use of vicks product in order to obtain 100% result.

First you need to know that vicks vapour for toenail fungus works best when you are dealing with infant stage of the disease that it when you just notice the black or yellow colorations in your nail. But then it is very important to note that for proper elimination of the nail fungus, vicks  product should not be used alone, that is where lots of people miss it otherwise it won’t work they way you expect it.

In addition to vicks vapour rub you have to add other medication such as natural herbs or the use of vinegar in which the affected nail is been soaked before applying the vicks vapour product with this method be sure of getting better result for total elimination of the fungusnail infection.

For acute condition of fungus ail infection with the use of laser light as a means of treatment one can be rest assured of getting total cure with the fear of the fungal infection or resurfacing but the disadvantage with this techniques is that it is expensive to carry out not every body can avoid the amount for the laser process thus the need for other better alternative that work just like the use of laser.

Natural herbs works very well though it takes time but be very sure that it will kill the fungus growth and it comes with no side effect as in the use of drugs which has the ability of damaging the liver.

In addition with the use of natural herbs you can add formula 3 oil product which is a solution that is applied with the aid of a brush. The formula 3 oil being in its oily state has the ability of penetrating into the base of the finger nail and that is where the fungus is situated hence there is higher tendencies of this product destroying the fungus to it root

Use both the natural herbs, the formula 3 oil and vick vapour product which works perfectly well for acute case of the infection thus substitutes for the use of laser treatment for nail fungus infection.