Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nonyx Nail Fungus

Nonyx nail fungus is an antifungal gel that is used in the treatment of fungus infection though there have been lots of products in the market recently but the Nonyx gel stands out of them all, not just writing for the sake to fill up the space, there have been practical test on this product it does work

Review On Nonyx Nail Fungus
Three months ago a very close friend of my had black nailfungus infection which she suffered for many month after applying all of the products recommended yet no result she then went for the Nonyx product which she made use of, just within three weeks of usage the fungus in the nail started wearing off and by the end of the second month the infection was gone.

Nonyx nail gel removes appearance of thick, dark toenails related with keratin buildup. With continuous use, it restores nails to their original appearance. Nonyx is very easy to use and has little to no known health side effects. What makes nonyx unique is that it contain ethanoic acid which has the potential of restoring nail that has been thicken to it original state.

Now to get quick cure using this gel first and foremost you have to note that it works effectively well when you combine it with the use of vinegar. Now this is how you do it. Soak the nail in the bath of vinegar for ten minutes and then dry up before applying the  gel. You have to keep doing this daily until the infection finally leaves. Though it takes time before the fungus disappears but it does work depending on the severity of the infection.

Note that when applying nonyx gel solution it should be one or two drops of the product on the surface of the affect nail then allow to dry. You have to keep using the gel solution even if the fungus has disappeared for preventive purpose.

Now when using this gel for it to work properly do not put on your artificial nail because the polish used in fixing nail the may block the penetration of the nonlyx gel. And if necessity demands you wearing your artificial nails then there are two options either don’t apply the gel or apply it, allow getting dry before wearing your nails.