Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Penlac for nail fungus

Penlac for nail fungus is one of the most topical medication that issue in the treatment of nail fungus infection. Penlac Nail Laquer is made of ciclopirox ingredient which is an active agent that fights against the infection readily. This medication is always in a bottle container which is transparent in colure and has a brush added to it, thus when applying the medication you have to make use of the brush in applying it just the same way you paint finger nail.

Although the use of drugs have been found to be very effective in dealing with fungus infection but due to the negative effects associate with drugs medication lots of people have stop using it but with the use of Penlac Nail Laquer for nail fungus there is no need to be afraid of health hazards instead it provide vitamins and minerals to the body thus its free to use for the treatment of nail fungus.

There is a draw back using nail laquer for the treatment of nail fungus, it takes longer time to get total cure to the infection and it only work best for minor cases of fungal infection.

Another very important point of note is that there are certain group of people that are not allowed to make use of Penlac for nail fungus, here are the groups below

People with heart conditions, recent burn victims, and those infected with HIV or with peripheral vascular diseases are not allowed to make you of this product for the treatment of nail fungus because it is found to have negative effect which will be greatly detrimental to their health.

Also Pregnant women and breast feeding women are also not allowed from using Penlac Nail Lacquer as it can cause serious damage to the young babies and unborn child in the mother’s womb. Thus if you are in this categories and you still need to cure the fungus infection there are other methods that when properly carried out will bring the needed cure.

The use of formula 3 oil also works very well and does not have any side effect attached to it. Using this product in addition with alcohol which you soak the affected nail and apply the formula 3 oil which has the potential of penetrating to the base of the nail wherein situated the fungus infection .

For those that are financially buoyant use of laser rays of light in destroying the fungus is very good option has this method only takes 15 to 20 minutes in eliminating the infection totally. But have I said earlier it is expensive yet you are very sure of getting last cure for stubborn nail infection compare to Penlac for nail fungus