Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thymol nail fungus

Thymol nail fungus is a product that has been created to fight fungus infection that has to do with the nail and other part of the skin or the body in which the infection has affected. It has been found out and tested that for effective use and better result of Thymol it very good to mix it with the use of alcohol, thus you have Thymol-alcohol both works perfectly well in eliminating any forms of fungal infection.

Thymol occurs naturally and it is known as biocides which has strong anti fungal ingredients in fight bacterial and fungal infections

For proper use of Thymol nail fungus
There have been lots of complain and comments that they made use of Thymol solution  and could not get the desired result. The truth is that even when you are using other product it is best not to always come in contact the affected part with water since water encourages the growth of fungal and bacterial organism. So also when using Thymol product do not immerses affect nail in water has this will enhance the growth of the infection, it is one of the main reason for nothing good results when treating fungus infection.

Another very important info you need to know per the application of this product is that you have to apply it twice in a day for several weeks for minor infection and for months if it is an acute nail fungus infection.