Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tineacide nail fungus

Tineacide nail fungus is very unique creams that help take proper care of infection of the nail. When I say “takes care” I mean it helps to kill off the fungus in the nail hence the need to make use of this product in the treatment of fungal infection. Lots of people have made use of different type of product and medications including some natural home remedies yet are unable to clear off the fungal in the nail, why? The simple reason is that they have not use the right product in tackling this infection.

What makes tineacide toenail fungus so different from every other products in the market?
I  know you are very much aware of the varieties of ways and products that helps in the treatment of fungus  infection but tineacide is a combination of most of the antifungal medication all puts together as one this makes tineacide proactive in the destruction of the fungal infection. Some of the ingredients that make up the tineacide cream is tea tree oil, acid, lavender oil and clotrimizole

How to Apply Tineacide to Toenail Fungus
Here are the main steps you need to take on how to apply the tineacide cream for effectiveness
  1. You have to trim the toenail but not so short such that it will affect the skin of the nail and also it must not be rough, should in case there are rough edges use nail file to smoothen the rough edges
  2. Then soak the affect toenail in a bucket of warm water for about fifteen minute, note the warm water should be mixed with vinegar in equal amount and dry
  3. Apply the tineacide cream has directed in the product package and is should be done in circulation motion. Make sure that during application you put on hand gloves so as to prevent the fungus from spreading to other part of the nail especially your finger nail.
  4. Make sure you disinfect your nail clipper and the nail file by soaking it vinegar and using antiseptic detergent in washing them as this will help destroys any trace of fungus in the nail equipment.