Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Types Of Nail Fungus

There are different types of nail fungus infection, in this article we are will be stating the various types of nail diseases caused by the fungus and ways from preventing it to the point of total cure.

What is finger mail or toenailfungus infection?
Fungal are micro organism that are not seen by the naked eye but with the aid of equipment it can be seen thus the resultant effect is seen as blisters, soar or darker or yellowish coloration on the particular toe that has been affected by the disease.

Types of nail fungus
The most common type of nail infection is the onychomycosis is sub grouped into different categories thus each of the categories has different symptoms or sign to show that the nail has been infected by fungus with difference severity attached to it, here are the different type of onychomycosis below.

  1. Distal Subungual Onychomycosis: this type of infection normally start from the tip of the nail and the skin surrounding it the end result of the type of fungus infection is the yellow coloration of the nail making it look different from every other nail.

  1. White Superficial Onychomycosis : some of the characteristics of this type of  infection is that the nail become hard making it very difficult to trim at time it does crack. This type of fungus infection is common with the toe, it affects the superficial layers of the nail then spread to other parts thus it act as parasite deriving its nutrients from the nail thereby cause lot of harm to the toenail.

  1. Proximal Subungual Onychomycosis : this type of nail disease which starts with a white or yellowish spot then spread to other part of the nail, it is not commn compare to others listed above

Another type of fungus is the cadida, spp and yeast all of this tend to infect the nails and has similar symptoms such has that of the Onychomycosis. This infection is often seen with people that has injury or mouth or virginal injury this can automatically lead to nail infection as a result on the cadida in other part of the body.

Ways to prevent the spread of fungus infection
It is very good to keep our environment clean has it has bee discovered that dirty, damp and moist environment does encourage the growth of this fungus and bacterial. That is the main reason our shoes and socks should always be clean and dry free from all forms of moist because the shoes and socks we wear are quick entry for the fungus to grow when they are in an unclean state.

For infected nail the use of hot water in a bath that is the affected nail should be soak in the water in which  table salt has been added and should be left for about ten to fifteen minutes each day the for several weeks until the fungal infection disappears.

For acute cases of infection the use of laser light beam is one very effective means in killing the fungus though it is very expensive but you are very sure the infection will not reappear again. Also the use of drug do work but for the negative effects it has on human liver hence lots of people has stopped making use of drugs medication.