Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vapour Rub Nail Fungus

Vapour rub nail fungus is one of the numerous products been used in dealing with finger toe nail infection, though there have been other methods still in use but recently there have been  lots of debate if vapour rub nail fungus is as effective as the use of herbal or laser treatment.

Well it depends on the nature or the state the infection is right now. For acute case of infection the use of Vicks product won’t do much but for early stage of the infection it works very well.

My Personal Review On Vick Vapour Rubs Nail Fungus
Not too long age a very close friend of my had nail fungus infection all he did was to make use of vick product along side with the alcohol method. What he did was to soak the feet in the alcohol for twenty minutes then dry before applying the vick product, within four weeks the fungus  infection was totally destroyed and it never resurface again. You see it works very well for my friend because his case was just an early stage of the infection and also he combined two different methods together to obtain a better result.

Also it might interest  you to know that vapour rub for nail fungus contains some very powerful agent such has camphor and Thymol which are all anti-fungal agents that  helps in fighting the fungal infection in the nail.

Other Useful Anti Fungal Product for Dealing With Fungal Infection

But should in case you have made use of all home remedies and still not able to get better result then you have to go seen a physician who will examine you then decide the best medication that will be of help in eliminating the infection totally .

I know lots of people do not like using drugs for treating fungus infection but there are other oil ingredients that are very infective and can kill off the infection with time. Such as the tea tree oil and the formula 3 products, and should be applied directly on the affected part. The good part in using this product is that been in a fluid form it has the ability to penetrate to the base of the nail and that is where the nail fungus lies and this will help in getting rid of the nail fungus totally.