Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vick vapour rub nail fungus

Vick vapour rub nail fungus is one of the alternatives been used as a means in dealing with fungus of the nail over the years lots of methods have been employed in getting rid of this infection but in this article you are going to learn how to effectively make use of vick vapour rub in the treatment of fungus of the nail.

Quickly get few details about nail fungus before talking about vick vapour rub. Nail fungus is a micro organism that can not been seen by the naked eyes but with the use of microscopic equipment it can easily been. Moist and dirty environment have been noted to the agent that encourages the growth of the organism into fungus. The resultant effect on the nail of affected person thus shows as coloration of the nail ranging from dark nail, yellow nail to brown nail which usually is different from the other type of nail

The uses of vick vapour rub in treatment of nail fungus.
Point of note vick vapour rub is not a permanent cure product for nail fungus it works best for early stage of the infection, I have to say this because so many people have been complaining that the they were not able to kill the fungus with the use of Vicks but many forgot to know that it is only meant for minor cases of fungal infection 

I would say it does work, for my friend who used it; it was able to kill the nail fungus. What I want you to know is that vick vapour rub contain some very vital ingredient that are anti-fungal agent such ingredients are: camphor and Thymol, also found in Vicks product is the Eucalyptus oil which is another ingredient that has the ability of fighting against the infection, all of this makes the use of vick vapour rub effective for temporary case of nail fungus try it today.