Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What does fungus nail look like?

Many people want to know really known what does fungus nail look like has this will help them to identify if they have been infected with the infection. There are different symptoms or signs that go along with fungal infection that will make you to quickly detect the infection as quick as possibly than you can think. I this article you will learn various element to speedily identified fungus infected nails

Most of the time you find out that the nail is quiet different from every other nail which you can easily notice by coloration. For affected finger nail it usually dark or some might term it black nail while orders will have brown or yellow nails all of this will show that the individual has fungus infection and need to be treated.

Another signs for the infection is that most of the time the nail is very strong and very hard to trim and shows signs of cracking  when you find out that your nail is having this features know that that the nail has fungus disease in it.

Ways To Cure Get Rid Of The Infection
There are various ways to deal with this infection, but you have to know that there are different stages of the fungus, the temporary and the acute stage hence you need to know which type of cure for each stage.

For minor cases, the use of home remedies such as listerine bath and hot water wherein the affected feet is soak on for about twenty minutes, also the use of herbal products such as formula 3 oil and vick vapour solution help in killing the fungus note this works effectively for temporary condition of  nail fungus.

For serious cases the use of drugs works but for the negative effects it has on the human system has stopped lots of people from using it. Another very important means that do not have any effect on the body is the laser treatment for nail fungus; it is painless and thus destroys the fungus to its root without it resurfacing.

Hope you have gotten the answer to the question “what does fungus nail look like” and also solution on how to get rid of fungus infection totally.