Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Black Toe Nail Fungus For Good

It is very good option to know what is the best way to get rid of black toe nail fungus for good. Lots of people if not millions of them have toe nail fungus and have been looking for cures and ways in which they can get rid of it, but all to no avail, do not worry here in this article you will get the free way I mean without spending a dime and still be able to destroy that long severed toenail fungus that having been given you sleepless night.

First what are the causes of toenail fungus which is believed to affect men mostly comparing to the female gender. Fungus toe nail is a micro organism that cannot be seen by the naked eyes but it effect can be seen on the affected toe. It inhibit in a warm, dark, dirty and moist environment, thus moist, dirty shoe and socks is a good venue that allow the growth fungus which in turn affect the feet.

As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure” it is well very good to know how to prevent the growth and spread of nail or toenail fungus because of the negative effects associates with it. Though lots of people who are suffering from this infection yet have not been able to detect how and where they contacted the nail fungus infections. No need to going further start from yourself first by living and keeping your feet dry and clean as this will surly free you from toenail fungus

Another best way to get rid of fungus for good is the use of natural means which have to do with and with out the of herbal plants.
For those that have minor cases of toe nail fungus is to make use of vick vapour and olive oil all mixed together in an equal amount and with the aide of tooth brush is been applied to the affect nail this is done daily until significant changes is noticeable.

Beer is also an agent for curative to nail fungus. The beer or alcohol is poured on a bucket and the affected feet in placed into it for about thirty minutes this is done several times for many days until you see result. Note this method list above is just for infant case of toenail fungus.

Medications for acute black toe nail fungus
There are drugs when taken will help to get rid to toenail fungus for good once and for all but lots of people who are suffering from this infection do not want to make use of this method simply because of it cost. When it comes to cost we talking about cost in purchasing the drugs and carrying out the needed test when it is required to be done.  For people that have make use of the natural way and yet are unable to get lasting or permanent cure to black toe nail fungus the should then visit the hospital for doctors prescriptions as this is the best alternative that will totally destroy the toenail fungus.