Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Antifungal nail polish

If your nails are yellowish or discolored and particularly if your nails score embellish brittle or crumbly, the respond is likely yes. You can use antifungal nail polish in this type of situation that you are facing.

Antifungal Nail Polish - A medicated nail polish can be applied to the toenails once a day, usually after showering. This has been proven to cure toenail fungus in mild and moderate cases. This is normally painted over infected nails as well as the skin surrounding the nails once a day. This treatment may have to be used for about one year as part of a daily procedure to completely clear nail fungal infections.

Fingernails are probably one of the most overlooked parts of the body. We all know that we need to cut them short and keep them clean. But do you know just how clean they really are? Your hands touch all sorts of things throughout the day and although you may wash your hands thoroughly, you might not wash away the dirt that is caught in the fingernails no matter how long or short they are. In the long run, your nails (on your toes and fingers) may eventually form fungus. So here are few medication for nail fungus infection

The typical nail fungus treatment is usually one that is prescribed by a doctor. Oral medications stimulate nail growth to replace the infected part of your nail and clear infection. These medications include Terbinafine, Itraconazole, and Fluconazole. Because new nails need time to grow, it may take around 3 to 4 months until results appear. For optimal results while taking oral medications, it's a good idea to apply topical treatments at the same time.

Tea tree oil  as an anti-fungal toenail polish!
Just For Toenails is the world's first additive nail polish with tea tree oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia ), a natural proven antifungal/antiseptic. This is the first product to address treatment of fungal nails and toenails and provides a natural antiseptic with a luscious gloss to toenails and fingernails which can kill toenail fungus and finger nail fungus.
Tea tree oil, added to the polish, has been shown to kill many types of fungal and bacterial organisms.

As you can see, the best nail fungus treatment is often a combination of treatments. Find a product that fights against infection, sooths, and promotes the inner health of your nails all at once. If you're already taking medication for nail fungus infection, speed up healing by using other natural treatments alongside your antifungal nail polish.