Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Black toenails

Black Toenail what are the Causes?
Having a black toenail is not uncommon these days. Runners may experience black toenails from running in new shoes or without socks. In this case blood has gathered under the nail. Most common among people who have developed black toenails is toenail fungus. Long exhausting walks or long running sessions can result in severe damage of the toenails, which then results in the development of black toenail. With this condition, the color of the toenail suddenly changes and it becomes ugly-looking. The emergence of black toenail can become a concern, as people may not know much about the condition.

Other factors for this condition include using ill-fitting shoes, especially for physical activities like walking, jogging or sports. During these activities there is more stress on the toenails which require a soft and comfortable plane to settle in. If the shoes are too long the toenail will continuously bang against the shoes and if it is too small, extreme pressure will be exerted on the toenail. Both of these events can lead to nail damage.

Another important factor to black toenail is the handling of heavy objects which can fall on the feet, causing blunt trauma to the toe, thus blackening the nail. People not trimming their nails regularly are at high risk, because long nails have a greater chance of banging against the shoes, even during normal daily activity.

Another common way to get a toenail fungus is to agitate the nail inside a sweaty shoe. This will cause the nail to thicken and often results in a nail fungus.

Another way toenail fungus is often caught is by cutting the nail too short and causing minor cuts leaving the nail exposed to fungus

Steps For Treatment black toenail

Since black toenail can often result to nail fungus hence it is very important to treat the black nail same way in which nail fungus is treated. Treating fungus takes a little dedication but with the right methods and a little persistence you'll be able to treat it. I do not recommend taking any ingested medications for fungus because they cause unwanted side effects and illness. There are safer remedies which are cheaper and often times more effective than any prescription drug. Over the counter medicines are generally ineffective because they fail to treat the fungus at its source.

The best remedy to treat black toenail fungus is first with regular beer treatment. Beer has natural anti-fungal properties. For treatment, soak the nails in beer for thirty minutes each application.  Applied this twice a day. Following remedy with beer along side with natural medication such as the tea tree oil you will be able to cure black toenail