Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dark toenail

Infected dark toenails can lead to serious problems as well. Sometimes, the nail gets separated from its bed. It results into immense pain and sometimes, in advanced stages, an unpleasant odor may come out of the infected nail. This is particularly pretty embarrassing as you can hide your infected nails but the odor cannot be hidden (Usage of perfumes is strictly prohibited as the situation gets only worse with it). Severe infections can make it difficult for you to even walk as not only the pain gets to a higher level but it can lead to an ingrown toenail. Leave walking; you may not be able to even wear shoes under such circumstances.

Symptoms of darkToenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is often associated with a discoloration of the toenail to a brown, yellow, or black color. The toenail might also become flaky and brittle. Thickening of the toenail is not uncommon either. Walking on the infected toe might cause slight pain.

According to Dermatologists, yeast, dermatophytes and a fungus called "tinea" are primarily responsible for dark toenails. People already suffering from athlete's foot have a 35% higher chance of developing nail fungus infection.

Treating Infected Toenails
If you leave your dark toenails untreated, things can get even worse. You may lose your nail and in addition develop paronychia (It is kind of a surface infection around your nails causing pus-filled blisters, swelling and redness). So, it is particularly important to take care at the early stages. Plenty of affordable products are out in the market providing money back guarantees. These are proper mix of some ingredients useful to eradicate toenail fungus; thus particularly useful.

There are many remedies out there. Unfortunately most are ineffective or contain unwanted side effects. Ingested prescription drugs are not recommended due to the severe side effects. These drugs can cause liver and kidney damage which could result in death! This treatment isn't even guaranteed to work.

The best treatment I found was using a combination of approaches. First by showering the thick dark toenails in warm water. this helps moisten up the nail, then file it down. Make sure you only file off a thin layer of the nail and be gentle! Next soaked the infected nails in beer for 30 minutes twice a day. Beer believe it or not helps combat and kill fungus. After the beer treatment apply a natural toenail treatment.This combination approach took a little persistence but you will started seeing results within about two weeks of starting.