Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting rid of nail fungus

Natural ways of getting rid of nail fungus
It is not an easy task to fight back or to getting rid of nail fungus since it is a frequent condition. Human beings have come up with very many kinds of anti-fungal creams in which others can be reacting vigorously and liberate the body with the required bacteria for organized and efficient stability thus enhancing way to fungal infections in the coming seasons.

Some medications are being given to stop the infection offungal toenail. These medications mostly given by your health practitioner or podiatrist may prescribe oral anti-fungal medication which is active in a short term. This may also rid the body of intestinal flora and bacteria that are beneficial to our body, leading to rise of much difficulty.
So how do you get rid of nail fungus naturally?

Since the fungal infection is embedded under the nail, treatment is slow, very difficult, and may even take up to a year. However, to get rid of it naturally, there are several oils and treatments that are recommended below.

Tea Tree Oil - The most popular anti-fungal oil in the market is Tea Tree oil. This great smelling oil will kill the bacteria after several applications. All you have to do is massage a few drops of this oil onto the infected area twice a day.

Vinegar Baths - Vinegar baths are also very effective for getting rid of nail fungus. If you do not like the smell of vinegar then you can mix hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol and mint Listerine in a large container or small dish, depending on if the infection is on your toenails or fingernails. Soak your hand or foot for 20 minutes every day in this mixture until the fungal infection goes away.

"Leucatin" Topical Creams, Capsules and Sprays can getting rid of nail fungus naturally

Leucatin topical cream can be applied directly to the affected area to treat it effectively and prevent re-occurrence.
Leucatin over-the-counter capsules which contain anti-fungal medicine to reinforce the immune system and increase the ability to fight the fungus from within. These capsules have no side effects and are supposedly safe for the body, and should be taken twice a day for a maximum of six months.
Leucatin spray can penetrate the skin twice as fast, can treat the fungus from the outside and is up to 100% effective.

Basically, herbal and homeopathic remedies "also referred as natural treatments" have been verified to be highly effective in treating fungal infections. There are some herbs which have anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties such as lemon grass whose medical nomenclature is cymbopogon citratus and calendula officinal act as anti-inflammatory medicine. Besides, there are some herbs which contain sufficient anti-fungal and healing properties and can also assist in the treatment of the fungal infection. These include Lavender (lavendula officinalis) and tea tree oil (melaleuca laterifolia).