Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to kill nail fungus

One of the most ideal ways on how to kill nail fungus is to visit your physician in order to assess your condition. Some of them may require you to undergo laboratory procedures in order to fully confirm if it is fungal infection. This may take some time and lab personnel may take a portion of your infected nails in order to check and assess it in one of their equipments. Such procedure will add up to your expenses apart from the consultation fee for the doctor. In the end, you will be prescribed with expensive medications to treat your problem. This method is very expensive, but it is also one of the most effective solutions to for this condition.

There are a number of oral medications that have been promoted as effective cures, and, indeed, many of these medications help to killnail fungus.  However, all of these medications have the potential of causing significant toxicity, including liver damage

Due to high risk involved in using the oral medication method, many people opted to use the home remedy treatment methods because it is less expensive and safe on their part; however, this practice requires ample time and efforts on your part in doing the necessary procedures on a daily basis in order to feel its effects. This is mostly done by having foot bath using mixtures of solutions that can kill nail fungus and prevent it from recurring in the future.

Here are some vita tips on how to kill nail fungus
Vinegar mixed with water or vinegar alone, some techniques use Listerine and water, iodine, heated Vicks Vaporub and water, Vaseline, and so on. In order for the mixture to fully penetrate the infected skin, this foot bath procedure should be done for about 15 to 30 minutes every day until improvement is observed; and it is further recommended to strictly observe this procedure for the next 3 to 12 months, depending on the case. This is absolutely time consuming and it requires discipline to observe the process in order for it to be effective.

You need to repeat this process when you get home from work. Once you have done this, apply the tea tree oil. Do not put on your shoes because you want to let the oil dry completely. If you did not get the tea tree oil, you can apply some bleach mixed with water. Make sure you mix it half of each liquid and apply it to your affected (nail only) and let it dry.