Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ingrown toenail surgery

Ingrown toenail surgery is the best alternative in getting rid of this nail abnormality in which the nail extends to the beds of which is accompanied with lots of pain thus the need to find solution on how to get rid of the pain in the toe.

An ingrown toenail is a condition in which the nail in the toe grow into the skin thus causing the toe to become red, painful even lead to blisters which in turn cause lot of pain on the feet of the individual.

What are the main causes of ingrown toenail?
There are different causes of this condition here in this article we will look at some of the major causes of this nail abnormality.

  1. one of the natural cause which is from birth is the shape of the nail, thus an abnormal nail thus grows into the skin leading to an ingrown nail and this always occur as the nail grows out.
  2. Another factor that leads to abnormality of nail is the wearing of tight shoes that is shoes that puts lots of pressure on the nail this will always have effect on the nail making it grow abnormally
  3. Lack of nail care is another factor that must be looked into, this has to do with the way in which the nails are trimmed, rough and irregular nail cutting can cause pain and nail swelling also biting the nail with the teeth can lead to the irregular growth of the nail.
  4. Cutting the nail in downward direction is another major factor that can cause this effect thus when cutting nail care should be taking to make sure that the nail are evenly trimmed.

As earlier stated ingrown toenail surgery is the best option to make use of for correcting this dysfunction in the toe. It is vital to know more about ingrown nail surgery, what it really means. It is a process where by a specialized medical personal removes the ingrown nail in order to stop the pain and the arch the individual is feeling. This is done by making sure that the part of the nail that penetrated into the skin is cut off to it root and chemical substance are applied in the region to make sure that the part cut off do not grow back again.

When it comes to performing the surgery lots of people think that it has to do with major operation, that has to do with lying in the bed, no not at all it is a minor operation and it is carried out within ten to fifteen minutes. Treatment will be given to help absorb the pain and prevention the operated leg been effected by fungus infection.

An ingrown toenail surgery is the best option in dealing with ingrown nail and you are rest assured that the problem will not appear again.