Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lamisil for toenail fungus

Lamisil for toenail fungus is routinely prescribed for nail fungus. Due to the treatments tablet form it is easier for the sufferer to use and generally requires a treatment period of ten to twelve weeks. However the systemic nature of the treatment does mean there is a risk of side effects and it is not recommended in a number of health situations. Furthermore, the extraordinarily high cost of Lamisil can be both off-putting and make the product unaffordable for most people.

If you have any nail polish on, take them off. If you have a nail fungus, you must keep it open and exposed to light. Fungi do not like bright area. The nail polish will only stop the light from getting into the nail bed

Make sure that the nails are dry before applying the medication. This can be very difficult because you will always accidentally wet your nails. If you are taking a bath, there is a chance that you can pour water in it. But just try to avoid contact with water as much as possible. This will only add to the moisture in the toenails which will eventually make the infection worse. You can use a plastic bag or glove to cover the infected nail while you to the shower.

Take the Lamisil orally as your doctor prescribed. It is best that you visit your doctor and have your nails examined before using Lamisil for treating nail fungus. This will make you sure that the medicine is safe for you. You might have reactions with it if you have allergies with the drugs. You can continue taking the medicine according to the prescription of your doctor. It will depend on the severity of the toenail fungus. A more several case might need a longer medication and treatment

Other natural means of treating nail fungus other than Lamisil
Tea Tree Oil:
One of the most heavily marketed natural remedies for treating nail fungus is tea tree oil. Initial studies have produced scientific evidence suggesting that this treatment really works. Tea tree oil can be purchased as pure oil and can be applied using cotton buds. However, many topical preparations use it in combination with other herbal extracts. This treatment option is relatively low cost compared to prescription options and is very attractive to many sufferers due to its natural origins.

A natural remedy may involve soaking the nail daily in vinegar. This is essentially an "old wives tail" that many individuals have reported to have worked. Essentially these natural remedies requiring bathing or soaking require that greatest time to cure the fungus. As we will discuss there are more effective natural treatments now available such as tea tree oil.