Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leucatin nail fungus

Using Leucatin nail fungus treatment is fast becoming the top choice for people all over the country and the reason is quite understandable. In recent medical studies, it has been observed that among a number of people who used Leucatin for nail fungus infection, roughly 90% claimed to have fully recovered after using the drug for several weeks. This is the highest efficacy rate for any nail fungal medication available in the market today.

Leucatin for nail fungus is specially formulated to penetrate through the nail and absorb into the skin around the nail and the nail bed. It penetrates the skin around the nail to attack any infection that has spread and to protect the nail from further infection. The Leucatin topical solution helps to thin out thickened nails and clears up the yellow color that is caused by the fungus

So what makes Leucatin for nail fungus more effective than other treatments for nail fungus? The answer is surprisingly simple. We all know that nail fungus remedies come in the form of oral preparations and topical applications. These two forms approach the fungal infection in two different ways. What makes Leucatin so successful is that its manufacturers have developed two products that will work together to eliminate fungal infection both from the inside and the outside.

If you decide to use Leucatin nail fungus treatment, you will need to take the Leucatin capsule once or twice a day for about six to eight weeks or as prescribed by your doctor. This capsule contains elements that boost your body's immune system, making you better equipped to fight the infection caused by the fungus.

While the capsule does its job in eliminating the infection from the inside, you will also need to kill the fungus itself from outside. To do this, you need to take the Leucatin spray and use it two to three times a day on the infected nail and the surrounding areas.

In treating nail fungus infection, there are several people who have reported great success. This has also been tested scientifically and proven in laboratory set up. It is therefore an effective treatment that you can trust in. There are success rates as high as 90% to 96%. This is a very high success rate for any medicine. There are more clinical trials that are ongoing to further get the facts.

When applying the cream on unclean wound of the fungal growth, it will only result in coating of the fungus and allow them to grow under the coat. The first thing one must therefore do before applying the cream or lotion containing the leucatin is to clean the affected nail properly. One can clean it with soap and then dry it properly. In addition, the use of vinegar to clean the wound would improve the ability to completely destroy the fungus spores.

You can make your own preparation of leucatin nail fungus treatment from the various plant sources. This can be done at home and there is not likelihood of experiencing side effects. Leucatin does not have known side effects because of the fact that most of the ingredients are natural. The users of leucatin will have lots of savings because of the relatively cheaper product yet so effective. You will be expecting to realize changes in the first 3 weeks with limited chance of reversal of the situation.