Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Medicated nail polish for fungus

Medicated nail polish for fungus has shown to be somewhat effective in treating toenail fungus issues. Do not mistake medicated nail polish for regular nail polish. Using a normal nail polish can be a bad idea because it seals in the infection without medicating it.

 If you apply a medicated nail polish for fungus, you can actually help contain the spread of toenail fungus infection. While normal nail polish can seal the infection and stop the treatment from reaching it, a medicated nail polish can actually get rid of mild toenail fungus infections with ease. You simply need to apply it for a week or two to get the desired effect. While applying nail polish to the affected area is often avoided because this can cause the infection to spread.

What You Need To Know About Nail Polish If You Want To Be Free From  Toenail Fungus

People wearing nail polish are more prone to having toenailinfections. This is because of the chemicals used in the nail polish creates a sudden reaction with the nail bed. Most people do not know whether they have allergies with nail polishes. It keeps them using the product while not being aware that it does not suit them. Also, others apply layers upon layers of nail polish making the nail beds unable to get rid of the dirt inside. If you like to be free from any threats of nail fungus, then the best thing to do is avoid using nail polish. If you cannot, just choose the hypoallergenic ones. There are also medicated nail polishes that cure the fungus if it has already developed in the nails.

Other causes of nail infection

Poor hygiene. - Some people neglect the importance of having clean feet. When we leave our feet unattended and unclean, it may cause fungal infections to develop in the nails. We need to regularly wash our feet so that all the dirt will be removed.

Closed shoes- If we wear closed shoes for long periods, the fungi can develop inside the nails. To avoid this, we need to wear breathable foot wear. The use of cotton sock is also helpful because it absorbs the sweat that is being secreted by the pores

Injuries. - We sometimes injure our nails by bumping them. This will create swelling inside the nail bed when not taken care of immediately. After that, it will become moist attracting the bacteria to live in the nails. If ever you bump your toes, apply ice pack immediately. It will stop any swelling inside the nails to prevent further infections.

Other better alternatives in getting rid of toenail fungus
Use A Herbal Cream - While there are plenty of products that can help in the treatment of fungus infection, most treatment aids are useless and should be avoided at all costs. If you really want to benefit from this infection then you would be required to use a herbal medicated cream that has no side effects and has been tried and tested for providing instant results. Hence, you should use a natural cream or a medicated polish for fungus to get rid of your fungus infection on a permanent basis.