Monday, October 31, 2011

Nail and foot fungus

What are the Causes nail and Foot Fungus Condition?
Serious problems with the nail and foot fungus on your feet are usually caused by a combination of bacteria and fungi. If you're suffering from Athlete's foot as a complication of a Candida overgrowth problem, then you might be having other problems as well, which you may have never thought could be related to your case of Athlete's Foot. These symptoms include things like frequent headaches, troublesome ear aches that seem to come from nowhere, and digestive difficulties, including diarrhea and constipation, sometimes one after another.

There are a number of things that can lead to being affected by a fungal infection on your toenail. While anyone can be a victim of getting a fungal infection on their toenail, there are certain groups of people that are more susceptible than others and need a nail fungus treatment. Athletes are extremely vulnerable to having a nail become infected. Using things like public pools, shower rooms and gyms, which describes most athletes to a T, are all likely to increase the risk of contracting some type of fungal infection

Also at high risk for getting a fungal infection are those who wear shoes that are completely closed in without any opening, have a previous nail injury or have moist skin for a long period of time. Athletes especially will want to find a good nail fungus treatment to use as having an infected nail isn't going to do you favors while training or exercising.

Symptoms of  nail and Foot Fungus infection
You could be suffering from a reaction to Candida overgrowth. Here are some symptoms to look for:
• Scaly skin combined with itching.
• Sore, reddened skin between your toes.
• Mild to intense itching, particularly in the areas around and between your toes.
• A clammy, soggy feeling between your toes, along with itchiness.
• Inflammation and burning.
• Fissures (small cracks) in the skin on your feet, especially between and around the toes.
• Thick, yellowed toenails
• Occasionally, people with athlete's foot have the same problems on their hands.

Cure for nail and foot fungus
Tea tree oil is a natural infection fighter that can be used against nail and foot fungus. Use a cotton swab to apply it to the affected nail three times a day. You can also use Listerine to fight the fungus. It is meant to kill germs and bacteria in your mouth and there is no reason why it wont work on your feet. Pour enough in a bowl or pan so that you can soak your feet in it for several minutes at a time. The advantage of the soaking is that it allows the solution to get up under the nail where the fungus is hiding. Apple cider vinegar is another choice for soaking. Try it for fifteen minutes per day.