Monday, October 31, 2011

Noveon laser

Noveon Laser to Treat Toenail Fungus
The invention of the noveon laser rays is a milestone in medical science which cannot be denied by anyone. The greatness of the invention lies in the surgeries done without shedding even a single drop of blood. During the years past, Noveon laser was mostly used in surgical treatment for eye diseases. It has now been extended to the treatment for nail fungus, and for surgery in other parts of the body. Especially, the laser treatment for toenail fungus is a significant one for quick cure with least pain.    

The Noveon uses 2 different wavelengths of low energy near infrared beams that develop death using light(not heat) without harming the normal tissues. This is a unique laser for fungal nails. This allows for more exhaustive treatments and better results with less probability of injury.

Method of toenail treatment: It is highly regretted that there are people about 20 thousand million in the whole of United States alone who are suffering from toenail problems with fungus attack. It is a challenge to the World Health Organization that these victims should be saved from this awful ailment. The laser treatment for toenail fungus is given by well trained doctors since it includes the exposure of fungus to the erosive laser rays. There is nothing to fear about this method of laser treatment since the laser flow can be accurately adjusted to protect the healthy tissue cells around the fungus.       

Why Noveon laser?
 Medical scientists are now turning towards noveon laser treatment in their quest for finding out a real healer and wholesome treatment of the toenail fungus. Hundreds of medications, and home made appliances are used to cure and prevent toenail fungus. The fact remains that despite huge publicities made by such manufacturers, most of the medicines etc manufactured for curing the toenail fungus do not cure the fungus at all. They only provide some small time relief from the affect. Fact remains that right now there is nothing called sure cure for toenail fungus. Moreover while some treatments take fairly longer period like 48 weeks, others are expensive and may cost you $1,500 in the long run. Yet the complete cure cases are less than 10% of the total affected people

Noveon type laser is commonly used by the doctors in the treatment of eyes, and also for dental treatments and hair removals. Experiment has revealed that with around four laser treatment sessions more than 40% of the patients no longer had any toenail infections. This has brought up a new ray of hope for the hitherto hopeless minds of those who suffers from toenail fungus affects.