Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tea tree oil and nail fungus

The  tea tree oil and  nail fungus remedy has everything to recommend it: it's available without a prescription and is relatively inexpensive compared to prescription medications for nail fungus; it's a topical treatment, so potential side effects of a systemic drug are not an issue; it's a genuinely natural remedy for toe nail fungus, and it appears to work. One note of caution is in order: tea tree oil has not been proven safe for ingestion, so only use it topically, and if you have sensitive skin, choose a product that is not pure tea tree oil (terpinen-4-ol, or some other component of the oil, can be irritating to skin).

Tea Tree Oil used for the treatment of nail fungus is not actually extracted from tea. It comes from a native Australian tree, "Melaleuca alternafolia", which is commonly called the Tea Tree. Many natural substances are found within the sap, which can be effective in numerous applications, with clinical studies having shown its worth and validated its medical use.

When starting on a course of Tea Tree Oil and nail fungus, it is important that a skin test is undertaken before use. Whilst rare, there are cases where the oil can cause skin irritation. A couple of days before you intend to start treatment, apply a small amount on the underside of your forearm each morning. If you have suffered no adverse reaction to either application, you can begin with the fungus treatment

The important point to understand is that good scientific research has been conducted on the medicinal properties of tea tree oil and is ongoing. Results indicate that this natural remedy for toe nail fungus really does seem to work: terpinen-4-ol has proven antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Additionally, tea tree oil nail fungus treatment appears to be able to penetrate the thick layers of an infected nail to reach and act on the fungus: lack of nail penetration has been a serious impediment to the development of topical treatments for fungal nail infections.

Pros and Cons of Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus

There are many benefits to using toenail fungus tea tree oil. First, unlike modern drugs that treat the issue, it is definitely safe for your body. You won't risk suffering from liver damage or other permanent problems. In addition, for nail fungus, this essential oil is relatively affordable, as are the other complementary home remedies that are suggested for use in conjunction with any toenail fungus essential oil cure. Finally, the experiences of other nail fungus sufferers may give you hope that this option can really work for you. Many people have reported good results with this essential oil and nail fungus.

When you start to look deeper into the option, it becomes quite clear that there are definitely cons to this popular toenail fungus oil remedy. Many testimonials state that using tea tree oil for nail fungus did absolutely nothing to help them. Even those who do report results indicate that the improvement wasn't always complete and that it took a very long time- sometimes as much as six to twelve months or more. After that long, what appeared to be affordable can quickly become expensive. In addition, treatment is